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Housing, jobs and community facilities

Latest Questions

  1. Will local utilities be able to cope with over 3,000 new homes?

    The existing 132kv primary electricity substation to the west of Jane Murray Way (A273) will be extended by up to 3,020m2 to provide additional electrical capacity to serve the development although it should be noted that this falls outside of the application site boundary. The existing 132kv overhead power lines to the north west of St Paul’s Catholic College will be undergrounded. The development will be served by a network of utilities infrastructure, including surface water attenuation and common service trenches for utility and broadband networks.

  2. How will the Northern Arc connect with Burgess Hill Town centre?

    Posted in Northern Arc Two new primary schools and a secondary school are being delivered on site. A primary care facility will either be delivered on site or a financial contribution will be paid to provide additional facilities in the locality.

  3. What type of community facilities will be available?

    The Northern Arc includes three neighbourhood centres connected to each other by the Northern Arc avenue. These centres will be conveniently located within a ten minute walk of the new homes. They will also be easily accessible by cycle, public transport and car. Each centre will differ in terms of size and range of facilities, responding as appropriate to surrounding land uses and maximising connections with them.

    Centre for Community Sport will be located at the western section of the Northern Arc. It will include outdoor sports pitches, as well as supporting facilities to complement existing provision at the nearby Triangle Leisure Centre.

  4. The increase in population will create an increase in demand on local public services such as education and health. How will the project tackle that?

    Permission is sought for up to 19,620m2 of educational development which will include two primary schools with early years and special education needs and disabilities (SEND) provision and a secondary school campus also including SEND provision.

    A new healthcare facility is proposed in one of the neighbourhood centres and permission is sought for a facility of up to 1,600m2. While the Northern Arc scheme (including the Freeks Farm development) gives rise to a requirement for 838m2 of healthcare facility, the larger floorspace is intended to allow the Horsham and Mid Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group to deliver a bigger facility than is required to meet the healthcare requirements arising from just the Northern Arc development. The dental healthcare floorspace will be delivered in one or more of the Neighbourhood Centres.

    If the CCG do not require an on-site facility, a financial contribution towards off-site healthcare improvements in the locality will be provided.

  5. What sort of employment space will be available?

    The Northern Arc will include up to 24,000m2 of employment land to the south of the A2300, which would be suitable for a range employment uses such as offices, research and development and industry. It will maximise opportunities associated with the directly adjacent ‘Hub’ employment site to the west through encouraging business linkages and integration between new and existing residents. The wider development will also accommodate employment floorspace within the neighbourhood centres, which could comprise small scale office accommodation suitable for start-up and grow-on business.

  6. Will there be public open space for all?

    A rich variety of attractive open spaces supporting biodiversity as well as meeting community needs for recreation and supporting health and well-being will be delivered. This includes: extensive areas of natural open space encompassing the river valleys, woodlands and grassland areas, providing opportunities for passive recreation, walking, cycling and exercise; and three formal parklands located close to the Neighbourhood Centres to meet needs for children’s play, informal sports and passive recreation.

  7. Will there be affordable housing provision?

    30% of the housing will be affordable, in line with local planning policy.

  8. Will there be sufficient parking for residents and visitors across the Northern Arc?

    Parking will be provided in accordance with local planning policy – it will include car parking courts, communal car parking, on-street and private provision. It is proposed that 30 public electric vehicle charging points will be located within the three mixed use local centres. It is also proposed that the development will include private electric vehicle charging points within the residential development plots.

    Residential cycle parking will also be provided with up to 8,451 residential cycle spaces proposed on the application site. Cycle parking to serve non-residential uses will be confirmed at reserved matters stage.

  9. What type of housing will be delivered?

    A range of housing will be provided to create a mixed and balanced community, with different densities and types of housing. This could include apartments, terraces, town houses, detached and semi-detached homes and extra care housing.